Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Sitter

Complete Synopsis:

'The Sitter' turned out to be a sort of amalgamation between 'The Pacifier' and 'Are We There Yet?' but certainly less child friendly. Though, the mix was disappointingly devoid of even half a laugh. 

Jonah Hill returns in the shy but foul mouthed, jock aspiring comedic role that launched him to stardom in 'Superbad' where he is very much at home, but the script failed him miserably. As a matter of fact, the script failed the movie completely, the gags weren't all that original or even funny for that matter and the characters even less so to the extent that you ask yourself, what was the point? It tried the teen sex comedy angle which didn't work, it played the family comedy card at times which didn't work and then tried to salvage the whole thing with some 'heartfelt' themes which ended up really thrown in for the heck of it. Needless to say, that didn't work either. 

We're yet to see a one man show from Jonah Hill, he seems to work better in conjunction with other cast, oftentimes in a supporting role, and revolving a film around him alone was an unprofitable punt from director David Gordon Green. 

With barely anything remotely humorous and a meaningless plot, 'The Sitter' sat purposeless.

Kid Friendly: No
Bad Ass Factor: No
Date Friendly: Yes
Overall Rating: 1.50 out of 5 stars

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